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Faculty Listed Alphabetically by Last Name 



Myostatin is a secreted protein that normally acts to limit muscle growth. This image shows the expression of myostatin mRNA in developing somites during embryongenesis. Se-Jin Lee lab​.



Below is a list of BCMB faculty listed alphabetically. You may also return to the list of BCMB faculty listed by departmental affiliation.



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Ambinder, Richard F.
Virology and human cancer; antiviral therapy; antitumor therapy; lymphoma pathogenesis and treatment

Amzel, L. Mario
Structural enzymology of redox and phosphoryl-transfer enzymes: MICAL, VP14, PI3K, and Nudix hydrolases. Selected areas of structural thermodynamics.

Andrew, Deborah
Organogenesis in a model system: Formation of the Drosophila salivary gland and trachea


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Barrow, James C.
Drug discovery for disorders of neurodevelopment.

Berger, James M.
Structural and molecular mechanisms of nucleic-acid machines and assemblies; control of DNA replication and chromosome superstructure

Blackshaw, Seth
Control of Neuronal and Glial Specification and Function

Bosmans, Frank
Molecular organization and pharmacological properties of the voltage-gated sodium channel signaling complex

Brown, Solange
Our laboratory is focused on the function of the cerebral cortex which underlies our ability to interact with our environment through sensory perception and voluntary movement.

Bumpus, Namandje' N.
Role of drug metabolism in non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-mediated toxicity.


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Cahan, Patrick
Engineering stem cell fate

Carr, Greg
Preclinical models of neurological and psychiatric disorders

Caterina, Michael
TRP channel function in thermosensation, pain, and inflammation

Claypool, Steven
Mitochondrial Phospholipid Metabolism in Health and Disease.

Clements, Janice
Molecular Pathogenesis and Latency of SIV & HIV

Cole, Philip
Chemical approaches to the study of signal transduction, gene expression, and circadian rhythm.

Cole, Robert N.
Mass spectrometry strategies to characterize proteins and their modifications in malnutrition, neurological diseases and cancer

Corden, Jeffry
RNA Polymerase II Phosphorylation and Transcription Regulation

Cormack, Brendan
Fungal pathogenesis: the host-pathogen interaction for the yeast pathogen Candida glabrata

Coulombe , Pierre A.
Structural and signaling roles of keratin cytoskeletal assemblies; Epithelial differentiation and homeostasis in health and disease; Cancer biology


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Dawson, Valina
Molecular mechanisms of neuronal death and survival; cell death and cell survival signaling pathways in models of stroke, and Parkinson's disease

Desiderio, Stephen
Mechanisms of Development in the Immune System

Devreotes, Peter
Genetic analysis of chemotaxis eukaryotic cells

Doetzlhofer, Angelika
Cell specification and differentiation in the mammalian auditory system

Dong, Xinzhong
Molecular and Genetic Studies of Pain-sensing Neurons


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Espenshade, Peter
Mechanisms of Molecular Sensing

Ewald, Andrew
Cellular mechanisms and molecular regulation of epithelial morphogenesis during development and breast cancer


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Feinberg, Andrew
Epigenetics in development and disease

Frueh, Dominique
Structural and dynamic studies of active enzymatic systems by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) - Mechanisms of domain communication in Non-ribosomal Peptide Synthetases.

Fu, Dax
Zinc physiology with a focus on structure, function and regulation of zinc transporters.

Fukunaga, Ryuya
Mechanism and biology of small silencing RNAs


collapse G

Gibson, D. Wade
Herpes virus proteins: synthesis, structure, and function during replication.

Goff, Loyal
Long non-coding RNAs in neural cell fate decisions

Goley, Erin
Bacterial cell biology: cytoskeletal function during growth and division

Gould, Stephen
Exosome biogenesis and retrovirus budding

Green, Rachel
Mechanisms of Ribosome Translation and Translational Control

Greider, Carol
Telomeres and telomerase in stem cell failure and cancer

Guggino, William
Genetic disorders associated with defective fluid and electrolyte movement; ion channel and epithelial transport physiology.


collapse H

Ha , Taekjip
Single-Molecule Studies of Genomic Maintenance

Hardwick, J. Marie
Molecular mechanisms of programmed cell death and its role in viral pathogenesis

Hart, Gerald
Roles of cytoplasmic and nuclear glycosylation in transcription, oncogene function, neurodegenerative disease, and in diabetes

Holland, Andrew
Molecular mechanisms underlying accurate chromosome segregation and centrosome duplication

Huganir, Richard
Regulation of Neurotransmitter Receptors and Brain Function in Health and Disease


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Iijima, Miho
Lipid Signaling in Chemotaxis

Inoue, Takanari
Synthetic cell biology: total synthesis of cellular functions such as neutrophil chemotaxis and ciliary mechano-sensation


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Kolodkin, Alex
Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronal Growth Cone Guidance

Kralli, Anastasia
Regulatory pathways that control adaptive metabolic responses in adipose and skeletal muscle tissues.


collapse L

Lau, Albert
Characterization of receptor-ligand interactions and macromolecular conformational transitions using computational and crystallographic approaches.

Lee, Se-Jin
Growth and differentiation factors, mammalian development

Li, Rong
Cellular Dynamics in space, time, and adaptation

Liu, Jun
Chemical biology and molecular biology; use of small molecules as probes to elucidate mechanisms of signal transduction, angiogenesis and cell proliferation

Lutsenko, Svetlana
Human copper homeostasis: mechanism of transport and compartmentalization of metal ions, protein and metabolic networks, inter-tissue communication in human diseases of copper misbalance.


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Machamer, Carolyn
Golgi complex structure/function; intracellular protein trafficking; intracellular virus assembly; coronaviruses; exocytosis of large cargo

Margolis, Seth
Molecular Mechanisms of Synapse Formation in Development and Disease

Matunis, Erika
Signals Regulating Stem Cell Self-renewal

Meffert, Mollie K.
The Regulation of Neuronal Gene Expression in Health and Disease

Meyers, Caren L.
Organic and medicinal chemistry, chemical biology: drug delivery; study of non-mammalian isoprenoid biosynthesis; development of potential therapeutic agents for cancer and infectious disease.

Michaelis, Susan
Progeria and lamin A processing; protein quality control mediated by the ubiquitin-proteasome system; mammalian and yeast cell biology.

Ming, Guo-Li
Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying neural development and neurodevelopmental psychiatric diseases


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Nathans, Jeremy
Molecular mechanisms of retinal development and disease; the role of Frizzled receptors in mammalian development.


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O'Connor, Tamara
Molecular dissection of host-pathogen interactions and the evolution of virulence strategies in natural reservoirs


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Pandey, Akhilesh
Signal transduction; Mass spectrometry; Bioinformatics; Cancer biomarkers

Pevsner, Jonathan
Molecular basis of neurological disorders

Pluznick, Jennifer
Renal physiology; the role of sensory receptors in regulating renal function; localizing renal olfactory receptors and identifying their ligands in order to understand the role of each receptor in whole-animal physiology.

Pomerantz, Joel L.
Functional Specificity and Design of Signal Transduction Pathways

Potter, Christopher J.
Neuronal Circuits Required for Drosophila Olfaction


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Qiu, Zhaozhu
Mechanisms of Osmotic Regulation in Physiology and Disease


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Raben, Daniel
Structure, function, regulation and interfacial enzymology of lipid metabolizing enzymes involved in signal transduction cascades; biochemistry and chemistry of lipids and lipid metabolizing enzymes involved in signaling cascades.

Rao, Rajini
Ion tranpsorters in human health and disease. Calcium signaling in lactation and breast cancer. New roles for endosomal Na+/H+ exchangers in pH regulation, trafficking, and sodium homeostatis and their contribution to hypertension, autism and glioblastoma.

Reddy, Karen
Understanding how the nuclear periphery and other subcompartments contribute to general nuclear architecture and to specific gene regulation

Reed, Randall
Molecular mechanisms of signal transduction and neurogenesis in the olfactory system

Reeves, Roger
Characterize and treat the development and functional consequences of trisomy in Down Syndrome using model systems, human genetic studies, cell and molecular approaches.

Regot, Sergi
Signaling Network Dynamics at Single Cell Level

Robinson, Douglas
Cytokinesis and Cell Shape Control


collapse S

Schnaar, Ronald
Molecular basis of cell-cell interactions in the nervous and immune systems; glycobiology

Sesaki, Hiromi
Molecular Mechanisms and Physiological Roles of Mitochondrial Fusion and Division

Seydoux, Geraldine
Molecular Genetics of Embryonic Polarity and Germ Cell Development

Shapiro, Theresa A.
Clinical pharmacology; molecular mechanisms of antiparasitic drug action; effects of topoisomerase inhibitors on DNA of trypanosomes; structure-activity of synthetic antimalarial trioxanes.

Siliciano, Robert
Host-virus interaction in HIV infection

Snyder, Solomon H.
Neurotransmitters, Second Messengers and Drug Action in the Nervous System

Sockanathan, Shanthini
Cell fate specification in the central nervous system

Sohn, Jungsan (Jay)
We are interested in understanding how biological stress-sensors are assembled, detect danger signals, and initiate stress-response.

Soloski, Mark
Structure and function of the genes and gene products of the mammalian major histocompatibility complex

Song, Hongjun
Neurogenesis and Neuro-epigenetics


collapse T

Taverna, Sean
Histone and chromatin modifications, epigenetics and gene function, identification of histone binding modules, and small RNA directed gene silencing.


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Urban, Sin
Biochemistry, cell and chemical biology of intra-membrane proteases in cell signaling and microbial pathogenesis


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Wade, Herschel
Molecular basis of multi-ligand•receptor specificity, ligand-dependent transcriptional regulation and bacterial multidrug resistance.

Watanabe, Shigeki
Cellular and molecular characterizations of rapid changes during synaptic plasticity

Watkins, Paul
Fatty Acid Activation Enzymes

Wheelan, Sarah
Computational Biology, Genomics, and Sequence Alignment

Wilson, Katherine
Nuclear envelope, lamins and nucleoskeleton; Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy.

Wolberger, Cynthia
Structural and molecular mechanisms of ubiquitin signaling and chromatin modifications; regulation of transcription

Wolfgang, Michael
Cellular and organismal metabolism

Wong, Guang William
Mechanisms governing metabolic homeostasis; function of adipose- and skeletal muscle-derived hormones; mechanisms of insulin resistance and type 2 Diabetes

Worley, Paul
Molecular mechanism of neuronal plasticity

Wu, Bin
​Single molecule imaging, RNA biology, and gene expression


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Xiao, Jie
My research group focuses on bacterial cell division, transcription and gene regulation. We combine sensitive, high resolution single-molecule methods with well established genetic and biochemical methods to address challenges in bacterial cell biology.


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Yau, King-Wai
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience


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Zachara, Natasha
O-GlcNAc, A Novel Regulator of the Cellular Stress Response and Cell Surival.

Zack, Donald
Molecular approaches to the study of retinal development and function

Zhu, Heng
Signal Transduction, protein network, host-pathogen interaction, protein chip approach to study proteomics