Can I submit more than three letters of recommendation for the online application? There is only space to request three.

Yes. Please contact Ms. Anita Cunningham in the central admissions office at acunning@jhmi.edu. She will advise you on what to do.

Is the GRE Subject test required for admission?

No, but we strongly encourage you to take the GRE Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology subject test, as this figures strongly in our evaluation. If you wish we can even accept your GRE subject test in place of the general GRE test requirement. This year (2017) the Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology subject test is not being offered. We therefore recommend that you take the Biology or Chemistry subject exam.

Is there a minimum GRE test score?

No. We review each application as a whole; however, most applicants entering the BCMB program have scored at least in the ~80 percentile (in the quantitative and verbal sections of the GRE general test.

Can the MCAT be substituted for the GRE?

This decision is made on an individual basis by the Admissions Director.

Is there a minimum undergraduate GPA required for entrance into your program?

No, because we evaluate applications as a whole. However, successful applicants are usually distinguished by a strong undergraduate academic record and test scores, along with significant research experience.

Can I apply to more than one program in the School of Medicine?

Yes. However, since we receive over 10 times more applicants than training positions we have available, students who apply to only the BCMB program may receive special consideration.

Does BCMB require students to TA?

No, it is not a requirement and your stipend is guaranteed without you serving as a TA. However, since teaching is an enriching process, there are opportunities to do so.

If I need additional financial assistance, may I have a job outside of the university?

We have a Financial Aid office to assist students who may need additional funds while attending school. After passing the qualifying exam, students may work up to 16 hours per week outside the university, pending approval by their advisor and the program director.

If I should receive an invitation to interview, does this mean I will be accepted into the program?

No, this is only for an interview opportunity. The admissions coordinator will contact you to assist you with your visit.

How long does it take to obtain a PhD degree?

Currently, our students complete their Ph.D. degrees in 5.8 years (on average).

Can you give me the admissions statistics for your applicants? How many international students are accepted in your program?

This varies, but each year we hold several slots open for our international candidates.

Can students start the program in the spring?

No, BCMB students matriculate in the fall and attend full-time.

Does BCMB have a Master’s program?

No, BCMB is a Ph.D. program only.

Can you tell me if I am eligible to apply to your program?

If you send your CV and a transcript to Sharon Root at BCMB@jhmi.edu, she will pass it along to the Admissions Director for review and guidance.

Do I actually have to have a BS or BA degree to apply to your program?

No, but you must have a BS or BA undergraduate degree before you matriculate.

Do international students receive a stipend as well as domestic students?

Yes, if you are offered a position in the program you will receive a stipend, full tuition, health and dental coverage.

If I should be offered a position in your program, can I be accepted into the MSTP program?

No, the MSTP program has its own set of requirements. Many students who are accepted in the dual program attend medical school for two years and then enter a PhD program. They return to medical school to finish their degrees once the PhD is completed.

If I should receive an invitation to interview, do I have to come to the university?

Yes, all students who receive an invitation must visit on our designated interview weekends. We usually offer two.