Gregory V. Carr

Image of Dr. Greg Carr

Gregory V. Carr

Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: 
Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences

855 N. Wolfe Street
Rangos 373
Baltimore, MD  21205

Research topic: 

Preclinical models of neurological and psychiatric disorders

Selected Publications: 

Carr, G.V., Chen, J., Yang, F., Ren, M., Yuan, P., Tian, Q., Bebensee, A., Zhang, G.Y., Du, J., Glineburg, P., Xun, R., Akhile, O., Akuma, D., Pickel, J., Barrow, J.C., Papaleo, F., Weinberger, D.R. KCNH2-3.1 expression impairs cognition and alters neuronal function in a model of molecular pathology associated with schizophrenia. Mol Psychiatry 2016 Nov; 21(11): 1517-1526.

Detrait, E.R., Carr, G.V., Weinberger, D.R., Lamberty, Y. Brain catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) inhibition by tolcapone counteracts recognition memory deficits in normal and chronic phencyclidine-treated rats and in COMT-Val transgenic mice. Behav Pharmacol. 2016 Aug;27(5):415-21.

Papaleo, F., Yang, F., Paterson, C., Palumbo, S., Carr, G.V., Wang, Y., Floyd, K., Huang, W., Thomas, C.J., Chen, J., Weinberger, D.R., Law, A.J. Behavioral, Neurophysiological, and Synaptic Impairment in a Transgenic Neuregulin1 (NRG1-IV) Murine Schizophrenia Model. J Neurosci. 2016 Apr 27;36(17):4859-75.

Carr, G.V.*, Jenkins, K.A.*, Weinberger, D.R., Papaleo, F. Loss of dysbindin‐1 in mice impairs reward‐based operant learning by increasing impulsive and compulsive behavior. Behav Brain Res. 2013; 241: 173-184. *These authors contributed equally to this work.

Carr, G.V., Schechter, L.E., Lucki, I. Antidepressant and anxiolytic effects of selective 5-HT6 receptor agonists. Psychopharmacology 2011; 213 (2-3): 499-507.