Jennifer Pluznick

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Jennifer Pluznick

Associate Professor
Primary Appointment: 

725 N. Wolfe Street
Baltimore MD 21205

Research topic: 

Elucidating the role of sensory receptors, such as olfactory receptors, in regulating renal function

Our lab is interested in the role that chemosensation plays in regulating physiological processes, particularly in the kidney and the cardiovascular system. We have found that sensory receptors (olfactory receptors, taste receptors, and other G-protein coupled receptors) are expressed in the kidney and in blood vessels, and that individual receptors play functional roles in whole-animal physiology. We have identified a number of sensory receptors found in the kidney, and are working to understand the role that each receptor plays in whole-animal physiology by using a variety of in vitro (receptor localization, ligand screening) and in vivo (whole-animal physiology) techniques. Some of the receptors we study (Olfr78, Gpr41) signal in response to metabolites produced by the gut microbiota, and thus we are also studying the role of the gut microbiota in physiology.

BCMB students currently in the lab:
Selected Publications: 

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