Hyungbae Kwon

Associate Professor

Office: 410-955-8421

733 N. Broadway
Miller Research Bldg., Room 323
Baltimore, MD  21287


Our lab focuses on (1) elucidating cellular mechanisms of synaptogenesis in mouse cortex, (2) developing novel technologies that selectively label and control behaviorally-relevant circuits, and (3) dissecting mechanisms of flexible cognitive action controls into cellular level. The first project uses fine-scale, optical techniques that create spatiotemporally-controlled patterns of neurotransmitter release in the dendrite, such that local triggering and signaling mechanisms of synapse formation can be studied. New tools developed in the second project will allow us to map out the activity profile of individual neurons in behaving animals and test their causal relationship with specific behaviors. Such a tool would dramatically increase our knowledge of the pathways that underlie complex vertebrate behavior. Third project will define organizing principles of cognitive learning at cellular resolution.

Project 1: Cellular principles underlying synapse formation in developing and mature brain.

Project 2: Developing tools that link neural circuits to behaviors.

Project 3: Dissection of flexible cognitive behaviors at cellular resolution.

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