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Time to Degree and Completion Rate

The average time to PhD for trainees in the last 10 years is 5.7 years (not including leaves of absence). The retention and PhD completion rate is higher than 90%.


Alumni Career Outcomes

The information below was updated in February 2020 and includes all alumni who graduated with a PhD degree within the last 30 years (i.e., from 1991 to 2020).

Current career paths for BCMB graduates include:

– Further Training or Education (postdoctoral training, residency or clinical fellowship)
– Primarily Research (in academia, government or industry)
– Primarily Teaching
– Science Related (see below)
– Unknown
– Not related to science


Careers in Research

48% of graduates (296 of 623) are following careers in research (not including postdoctoral training). 56% work in academia, 36% in industry, 6% in governmental laboratories, and 2% in nonprofit institutions.


Science Related Careers

30% of graduates (185 of 623) are following a career other than primarily research or teaching: