Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland and is the center of a metropolitan area of 2.7 million residents. The city is located on the Chesapeake Bay, and its picturesque Inner Harbor is the center of restaurant, shopping and business districts. Baltimore is a city of contrasts; the steel and glass skyscrapers that dominate the commercial district are only a short walk from residential neighborhoods with small town charm. Baltimore’s mild weather makes outdoor recreation possible for much of the year, and is centrally located within a three hour drive from the beach or the mountains. Eastern Maryland’s Atlantic Coast offers miles of beautiful beaches, while further inland, wildlife sanctuaries serve as stopping points for migrating birds during the spring and autumn. The mountains of Western Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania offer excellent hiking and picnicking among the rolling hills and farming country.

Baltimore is a devoted sports town. The Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens play major league baseball and football, respectively, in new stadiums near the Inner Harbor. Some of the best college sports can be seen at the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland. There are also plenty of social sports leagues in Baltimore city, ranging from football to kayaking, for those who would rather play a sport than watch. Intramural sports leagues, group fitness classes, and solo workout equipment are also available at the Hopkins Cooley Center​, located on the East Baltimore Medical Campus.

Camden Yards Front
Ravens Stadium

Each wave of immigration to the United States has added to the ethnic diversity of Baltimore, giving the city a “melting pot” atmosphere and providing a wide variety of restaurants and food stores. One block from the Medical School is one of seven city markets with dozens of stalls that offer everything from local Chesapeake Bay crabs to a vast array of ethnic food. Patterson Park, a public park located on Baltimore’s east side, plays host to many different cultural festivals during the summer months.

Baltimore also offers a rich cultural experience. The world famous Baltimore Symphony Orchestra performs in the Meyerhoff Hall and The Peabody Conservatory of Music hosts a concert series, as do several other local universities. Throughout the academic year, the office of Cultural and Social Affairs sponsors free concerts, lectures and films at the Medical School. Baltimore has an opera and a ballet company, several repertory theaters, over a dozen museums, and excellent bookstores. Many colleges and universities are located in or around Baltimore, and the Baltimore Enoch Pratt public library, with a book collection of 2,250,000 volumes, is considered one of the best in the country.
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