Ronald Schnaar


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725 N. Wolfe St.
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Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences


Our work bridges from biochemical to preclinical translational studies to harness the power of glycobiology for therapeutic benefits. All cells are endowed with a diverse coat of glycans, their “glycocalyx,” which represents the face of the cell to the outside world. Glycans (complex sugar molecules) and complementary glycan-binding proteins (lectins) interact in highly specific ways to establish cell-cell interactions and regulate cell functions. Knowledge of these interactions provides opportunities to modify glycan-lectin interactions for therapeutic benefit. We discovered glycans on nerve cells that interact with a lectin on myelin to maintain axon health and regulate axon outgrowth, leading to our studies that modified nerve glycans in vivo to enhance axon regeneration and functional recovery after spinal cord injury. We also discovered glycans that regulate immune cell function in allergic inflammation, knowledge that could lead to new treatments for asthma. Expanding technology in glycobiology promises expanding opportunities for discovery and development of novel therapeutics.

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