Jennifer Kavran

My research interest is to understand the molecular mechanisms of signaling pathways with the goal of understanding what factors regulate the activity of these pathways. This knowledge provides the framework needed to interpret how alterations to a pathway, such...

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Image of Brady Maher

Brady J. Maher

My lab is focused on understanding fundamental mechanisms involved in brain development and brain function with an emphasis on how dysfunction in these mechanisms can result in neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders. By focusing on key developmental genes that are...

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Photo of Keri Martinowich

Keri Martinowich

Even among similar cell types, differences in synaptic connectivity and activity patterns render these populations functionally and molecularly distinct. While early cell type-specific investigations obtained molecular profiles on the basis of cell-type markers,   molecular genetic tools now allow researchers...

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Luis Garza

What if you could grow a new heart or liver if your first one failed? Our lab is interested if organogenesis can happen again in adults. We use skin as our model system and try to ask basic questions...

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