Patrick Cahan

My lab is an interdisciplinary group that devises and experimentally tests computational tools to explore cell type identity and its molecular underpinnings. A unifying component of our research is the gene regulatory network (GRN). GRNs are programs encoded in...

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Deborah Andrew

We study how epithelial tubular organs – which are essential to life in all multicellular organisms – form and specialize. Using the simple unbranched tubes of the Drosophila salivary gland and the beautifully branched tubular network of the Drosophila...

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Image of Seth Margolis

Seth Margolis

Synapses are specialized cell-cell junctions which connect individual neurons together and are the sites of transmission of information between neurons.While the molecular mechanisms which promote synapse formation have been a subject of intense investigation, little is known about the...

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Erika Matunis

What are cellular and molecular mechanisms that control tissue regeneration in vivo?  Stem cells ensure tissue renewal in most adult tissues, and their activities are under the precise control of signals from specific local microenvironments, or niches. The ability...

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Jeremy Nathans

Biology: Frizzled receptors in development and disease   Our laboratory has focused for the past two decades on a large family of cell-surface receptors called Frizzled. This name refers to the appearance of fruit flies in which the receptor...

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Christopher J. Potter

The current research focus of my laboratory is investigating the olfactory system of Anopheles mosquitoes. We have developed new strains of Anopheles mosquitoes, utilizing the Q-system we originally developed for use in Drosophila, to explore how living Anopheles mosquitoes...

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Jennifer Kavran

My research interest is to understand the molecular mechanisms of signaling pathways with the goal of understanding what factors regulate the activity of these pathways. This knowledge provides the framework needed to interpret how alterations to a pathway, such...

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Image of Brady Maher

Brady J. Maher

My lab is focused on understanding fundamental mechanisms involved in brain development and brain function with an emphasis on how dysfunction in these mechanisms can result in neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders. By focusing on key developmental genes that are...

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Photo of Keri Martinowich

Keri Martinowich

Even among similar cell types, differences in synaptic connectivity and activity patterns render these populations functionally and molecularly distinct. While early cell type-specific investigations obtained molecular profiles on the basis of cell-type markers,   molecular genetic tools now allow researchers...

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