Image of Danfeng Cai

Danfeng Cai

The Cai lab focuses on understanding how the transcription process is regulated in normal and cancer cells. We are intrigued by the discoveries in our lab that many transcription factors involved in cancers can form small, liquid-like condensates in...

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Jie Xiao

My laboratory focuses on developing novel single-molecule imaging tools in live cells to probe various dynamic aspects of cellular processes. We develop single-molecule gene expression reporting systems and chromosomal DNA conformation markers to probe the dynamics of gene regulation...

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Netzahualcóyotl Arroyo Currás

The ability to monitor arbitrary molecules in situ in the body as we undergo normal daily routines could empower us to make educated decisions regarding our diet, fitness, medical treatments and overall health status. Our laboratory pursues this vision...

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Winston Timp

My lab’s focus is on the development and application of sequencing technologies to gain a deeper understanding of biology and a more accurate set of clinical tools for human disease. Our research integrates the principles of biophysics, molecular biology,...

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Photo of Bin Wu

Bin Wu

Seeing is believing:  My lab is interested in visualizing and quantifying biological events as they happen in situ in real-time.  We use single-molecule imaging and spectroscopy technology in live cells, combined with theoretical modeling to extract dynamic biological information....

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